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Career Counseling Vancouver

Career Counseling Vancouver Using fitness and life coaching to build motivation, self-confidence, discipline and commitment, Donna Smood's career counseling will change the way you view your job and help you achieve the high level of success that you have been looking for. As the best source for career counseling in Vancouver, Donna uses fitness and motivational speaking to help you feel confident and happy with where your career is going and gives you the tools you need to get there. Unhappy with your career but not sure how you can change your situation? Donna can change the way you see your abilities and come up with a plan to help you take charge of your professional future. Without a healthy body, Donna believes it is difficult to have the confidence, focus, attitude and sense of self-worth that you need to achieve a higher level of success and happiness in your career. Donna gained her passion for the power of fitness through her own transformation when she was 20. She made a goal to run every day for 21 days, and by the end up the 21 days felt on top of the world running an easy six miles. An asthmatic, shy child who lacked confidence, Donna did not have a good self-image growing up. This simple task of running every day transformed the way she saw herself and gave her the confidence she needed to pursue the life she really wanted and deserved. Donna now lives an extremely active life, with a passion for running marathons, hiking, kayaking, paddle surfing, golfing, skiing and biking among other activities. Donna's experience with fitness inspired her to pursue her dream career: helping others make the changes she had made in her own life. Donna has become the best source for career counseling in Vancouver with her life coaching and motivational speaking company, It's Cool to Be Fit. Donna is not a therapist or an athletic trainer. She has devoted her life to helping people come up with concrete goals that will change their careers and walks them through the steps to achieve these goals. Whether you are having trouble feeling fulfilled at work, afraid you are not performing to the best of your ability or want to go back to school to start a new career, Donna can help you succeed. A key part of why Donna is so effective in her career counseling is her determination to get people fit and healthy above all else. It is difficult to feel good about your professional abilities when you don't feel good physically. It is hard to become a leader in the workplace when you're not feeling your strongest or most confident physically. Losing pounds and feeling good about yourself does not get you the promotion, but it does get you in the right mental mindset to succeed. Not only will fitness help you feel more confident, it will actually improve you alertness, problem solving skills, energy level and creative capacity. Career Counseling Vancouver
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