Roller Conveyor System

Roller Conveyor System

The conveyor system has a continuous application that moves items consistently from one point to the destination. Most people apply conveyors intending to reduce manual work, improve productivity and contribute to overall productivity. How do you evaluate the right conveyor system for your business? You have to understand the basics of the system and how it can put your particular business operations in a better place.

What is a conveyor system?

Conveyors are fast and efficient mechanical systems that automatically transport items and materials across a distance. The most significant advantage of the system is to reduce operational errors and lower the risk of accidents that are prevalent with human labor. It is, therefore, better to use these systems to move bulky items that would be dangerous or impossible to lift.

The primary conveyor system usually has a frame to support the roller, which has many different varieties to move different kinds of items. Which conveyor system is best for your business?

Types of roller E-commerce fulfillment solutions

Powered flexible conveyor

This conveyor is the easier option because it reduces inefficiencies and time of moving items. The conveyor addresses complex issues that affect most conveyors to offer a versatile and flexible option to allow space efficiency and better loading and unloading of items. The following is the main benefit of the powered flexible conveyor:

Flexible - The system takes productivity to the next level because the roller is more flexible than most conveyor systems. The increased flexibility also improves the space and safety so that you can move around items with ease. Another way to look at this is that the roller conveyor system can move around corners, docks, and close sections with close-by equipment.

Better productivity

Facilities that work with a powered automated fulfillment and order processing do not have to deal with hectic loading and unloading. The flexible conveyor solves these issues by offering a direct and smooth connection across difficult points. The reduced struggle between different points improves the overall productivity and makes it easy to offer better transportation at faster and easier rates

24 Volt DC conveyor

The system is one of the most powerful in the industry and has a long history of technological advancements from the earlier 1975 version. Having a volt DC conveyor when you want better loading and unloading to fulfill more orders becomes necessary. The conveyor is the best suit for applications that need the following benefits in automation and e-commerce fulfillment:

  • Minimal maintenance to reduce the overall downtime
  • Reduced energy consumption because it has features and systems with massive energy savings
  • Easy installation because you do not have to work through multiple belts, tracks, motors, and wires

We have both of the above conveyor systems and the know-how to install them so you can escape the tedious task of putting together a complex system. Casi is an authoritative name for manufacturing and installing the best industry conveyors and has enough testimonials and reviews to back up the quality of our systems. Contact us online to learn more about how to automate fulfillment for your e-commerce business and how the roller conveyor into your business operations.

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