Freight Broker Training

Freight Broker Training

 “What is a freight agent?” A freight agent is the third party that helps businesses and shippers find drivers to deliver their goods. Seems pretty straightforward, right? In some ways, it is. However, without the proper freight broker training, you’ll struggle to get your new career off the ground.

There are countless freight broker training programs for you to consider. But only at Ted Keyes Online can you sit under the learning tree of somebody with decades of industry knowledge.

My course will give you all the tools you need to secure work at a freight brokerage. But that’s not all you’ll gain. Here are just a few other things you’ll get when choosing me as your online freight broker trainer.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is critical to success in the freight brokering industry. Without it, you can’t expect to develop the catalog of shippers and drivers that will form the foundation of your career. At Ted Keyes Online, you will be pointed in the direction of numerous highly-respected individuals in both fields.

Moreover, Ted Keyes Online is a community. I encourage my students to interact and share their experiences as they progress through the industry. This will make it markedly easier to find work as a freight broker after graduation.

Communication Skills

Fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias in the world. For some people, even the thought of making a phone call can induce anxiety. My freight broker training program will help you overcome such fears.

I’ll work with you on crafting and delivering presentations. I’ll also cover how to make a good first impression when you encounter powerful figures in the industry. This will help you develop the communication skills needed to fully utilize the aforementioned networking opportunities and really kickstart your career.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

When you complete your freight broker agent training, you may want to join an already established brokerage. There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, it means steady money without the stress of starting an entirely new business.

There are some, however, who would rather gain total independence by establishing their own freight brokerage. If you have such a dream, I promise to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit throughout my class. With my unsurpassed industry knowledge at your disposal, you’ll have all the tools to help your start-up succeed.

Increased Earnings

My students often tire of me talking about all the money they’re going to make as freight brokers. But this is so much more than a sales pitch. It’s a statement of fact.

The greatest freight agents can expect to earn double the money they did when they were on the road. They’ll also enjoy more free time, allowing them to achieve the perfect balance between work and family life.

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Did you know that in one recent year there were more than 3.5 million truck drivers in the USA?


This goes to prove that the trucking industry is still a crucial part of the backbone of American industry.


With so many trucking options available, there is a need for capable enthusiastic brokers to connect manufacturers and retails with trucking solutions. Can you help?


If you are interested in learning to be a freight broker, what do you need to know? How can you create a successful career in the trucking industry? Why not read on to find out.


Take Freight Broker Training


The most important step you can take on the path to becoming a freight broker is to team up with experts in the brokerage industry and take a thorough freight broker training course.


This is not necessarily something that everyone will encourage you to do. This is because it is not legally obligatory. However, this education will give you the best foundation for your business.


While it is technically possible to start a brokerage business without taking an educational course, you would miss out on short and long term benefits including:


    • The history of brokerage


    • Current trends


    • The latest technology


    • Practical business operation in current market conditions


Starting a brokerage business without this information and experience will give you a severe handicap.


This type of education will also provide long-term benefits as you will make contacts and build relationships with educators. They may allow you to consult with them in the future when you face challenges.


Create a Business Plan


Next, you need to plan how you will apply what you have learned in your brokerage education. You can do this by creating a clear, step-by-step business plan.


As part of your plan, you will need to research questions such as:


    • Who will your target audience be?


    • What radius will I operate in?


    • What contacts do I already have?


    • What are my business goals?


As your business plan develops, you will need to make certain decisions regarding your brand name and where you will register it.


You may want to give further consideration to additional skill sets that you may need in time. Perhaps you plan to upscale your staff levels quickly? In this case, you may want to consider taking a management course.


How will you fund each step of your business plan? Will you need to apply for credit and if so who will you apply to? All of these questions will need to be evaluated as part of your plan.


Start Building Contacts


When considering how to become a freight broker, one particular skill carries great importance: People skills. You will need to maintain the energy and the desire to network and build relationships with companies from zero.


You will need to start communicating with a large number of trucking companies and then evaluate how valuable they are to your business. You can do this on the basis of their reputation, their prices, and the locations that they ship to.


It is easier than ever to contact trucking companies using social media sites such as Facebook or by using LinkedIn.


You can also use dedicated online directories that provide lists of companies sorted by their particular services.


Ensure You Are Legally Compliant


According to US law, all freight brokerage companies must hold licenses before they can start to trade.


You can contact the department of transportation to apply for your USDOT number. Once you have this you can fill out an OP-1 freight broker application. There is a small charge in connection with this.


When this is approved the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will provide you with a motor carrier number. Approximately 10 days after this you will receive full authority to begin trading as a freight broker.


Prove Your Financial Backing


To be able to trade as a broker, you will need to show that you have the financial capacity to meet the costs of your business. This is called a BMC-84 bond and is similar to a type of insurance. It is usually set at $75,000.


A financial institution will act as a surety and provide the bond. You will need to provide some documentation and proof of your business credit rating. Your credit rating will likely affect the amount of your premium.


File the Necessary Paperwork


Legal processes and requirements are different even within the same country. Even neighboring states may take different approaches.


You will need to find a process agent designated in the BOC-3 document for you in each state where you work.


Start Marketing


Now that the legal aspects of your work are out of the way and you are compliant, it is time to start building your customer base.


You can do this by means of carefully planned marketing strategies. You can start by deciding what the best channels are for expanding and transmitting your brand.


Since this takes time and effort, you will want to start small, possibly only advertising on a couple of social media channels. However, your advertisements and the information you share should be consistent and well prepared. This will show potential clients that you are well organized and trading successfully.


How to Create a Career as a Freight Broker and Much More


If you are looking to get into freight brokerage as a career, you will need a mix of skills, experience, and contacts in the business. Fortunately, there are institutions that will help you to get all three.


By applying the suggestions we have discussed today, you can start a successful career as a freight broker with a clear career path ahead of you.


If you want to learn more about becoming a successful broker, we are here to help. We leverage our years of successful brokerage to offer your sound advice. Why not contacts us or check out our range of training options today?

Freight Broker Training

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